Zeldaboy14 is the legend reborn. In the alternative universe where squids are kids, he's the reincarnation of the Hero of Time.

Aided with old friends from the past and the key to time, The Master Sword and the ocarina of time, he may travel time freely.


Unlike the usual inklings who wear basically all the same clothes, Zeldaboy14's are a old PSA set that Gary the Gadget guy modified. It's a symbol of PSA and EPF work this squid has earned. Coupled with the Master Sword and Mirror shield on the back, he's ready to kick some bad guy butt!

Behavior, and some info about him

Zeldaboy14 is a kind and considerate person.

if bad guys show up, he'll get very protective of his friends.

If someone tries to backstab someone he cares about, he will have a word or 2 with them.

While he hasn't done too much turf war with his friends, due to being the hero reborn, he does play it occasional

Faults and weakness

.While he holds the keys to time, he's not that weak against ink when he has the mirror shield with. Light arrows will take him down in at least 3 hits if they hit him.


While he can turn into a squid at will, he also can turn into a wolf, very similar to Wolf Link, but this only occurs if evil touches the Triforce piece he holds. He also has a pair of Golden Gaunlets that he can use to lift things other inklings only dream of lifting.


He has a few enemies. Those being XANA, Bowser, Gruntilda, Ganondorf, and Dark Heavy.