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Zapples (full name: Ross 'zippity' Ambrose) is the Inksona of a Gmodder with the same name.

Appearance ==

He looks like an inkling with Green skin (resembling that of a reptile) , yellowish reptilian eyes, a zipped zekko hoodie, average Hi horses, a purple special forces beret, and purple hair

Personality and Behavior

He is shown to Be quite Erratic a lot of the time, but when it's needed, he becomes more of a serious Heroic character.

Powers and Abilities

-Zapples is shown to have a stand which Can stop time, which he Will use to save himself or others, or he'll use it to his advantage in tough fights.

-He's also able to use his reptilian Inkling body to gain the upper hand in fights by Spitting a highly dangerous poison at his enemies, which Will cause them to be blinded for 1 minute, leaving them vulnerable to Any form of damage


Even though Zapples may be stronger and have more Health than the average inkling, it's only by a little bit, making Him not too special among the inklings