The Squid Doctor (or The Doctor, Dr. John Smith) is a randomized coloured inkling boy or girl created by the SFM user, CatDoctorX05.


Unlike all the inklings, this being isn't an inkling. He was a Time Lord. When he was mortally injured, The Doctor regenerates and changes its body. Sometimes, The Doctor regenerates as a woman instead of a man. He wears any of the coats.


The Doctor is a inkling like Time Lord, an immortal race of being that can travel through time and keep the place in peace and justice. He fights Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons for centuries. Little untold about the Doctor but the evidence that the Squid Doctor is the reincarnation of the humanoid Renegade Time Lord called the Doctor. Then, the Squid Doctor escaped his home planet called Gallifrey using the TARDIS(Time And Relative Dimension In Space). He arrived in Inkopolis in 11963 A.D. with his granddaughter, Susan Foreman, which, she's also a Time Lord. Until the take off to their first adventure with Ian and Barbara, Susan's teachers, the Doctor discovers his TARDIS doesn't change its appearance from a blue police telephone box. When they finished their first adventure, the Doctor continues to take them somewhere else in time and space with his companions as they met friends and foes. Until he finally regenerates as a new Doctor, a very different Doctor, the second incarnation of the Doctor. He's currently on his twelfth incarnation, but the regeneration awaits him.

Behavoirs and Personalities

The Doctor is a soft hearted man, but he's depressed everytime when he felt alone. Full of regrets, despair and grief into his heart when his companions are killed.

He is commonly a gentleman with a childish minded, but sometimes, calls him the smartest inkling of all time.

In every faces of The Doctor, he changes his voice, mind, body and other things that he could do.


  • The Doctor is basically based on BBC's Doctor Who and there will be no request to borrowing its full rights.
  • He's the only inkling who doesn't play Splatoon so much.
  • He likes hanging out and sitting above the TARDIS.
  • He's the only inkling that he can regenerate and changes his/her appearances.
  • In every incarnations, the inklings aren't Cat's ocs, they're borrowed inksonas for his friends to make a concept of the Regeneration of The Squid Doctor. But one of them is his own Doctor-inspired character.
  • The concept which The Doctor has an evil self called The Count or simply know as Dracula.
  • It is possible that the humans didn't exist anymore in his time due for the end of humanity.
  • Together with CatDoctor(formerly CatDracula), Erhu1234 and A Cat Inspace are the well known people to use a TARDIS or their Doctors in their artworks through SFM/Gmod