TheExtremeGamer is a human-inkling hybrid coming from the 4th Dimension (a name he uses to mention the real life, where we all are), a Inkling God, and the inksona of a GMOD Youtuber of the same name.

He has magic no inkling has ever matched. He can travel through timelines, dimensions, universes and even through time.


TexG is a Inkling with a Red Hero Headset, Black Zip Hoodie (revealing a Black LS when he unzips or you unzip his hoodie), and Red-Painted Purple Hi-Horses.

His Hero Headset is what gives him his personality. But if you remove his headset, he acts a bit differently. He becomes more social, still soft-spoken but talkative.

When he's on Raging Inferno, he gets Red Electricity around him, his eyes become black and red, and his hair becomes very hot and Red.


He is shy, silent, and soft-spoken because of his voice. Like very few Inklings do, he speaks English. And uniquely, Spanish.

Unlike most inklings, who use their normal voice tone, TheExtremeGamer prefers whispering over using his voice.


He was a ordinary human before he became the inkling he is. Until one day, he decided he had enough suffering on the real life. He jumped into a portal, but before he killed everyone that bullied him or harassed him in school.

He created a dimension that caused other dimensions to merge into his dimension. That also teleported many of his human friends in that dimension.

He lived a happy life until the ones who made him suffer got re-incarnated into different bodies (altered Inklings and TF2 characters). Those started a organization to kill him, his friends and take over the dimensions. Thus, a war began and still rages over his dimension to this day.....


  • He has pretty much Magic that it's impossible to be topped by anyone.
  • Raging Inferno: Triggered when he's driven insane, his magic power is multiplied so his attacks kill in one hit.......
  • OmegaXET: His superform. Triggered mostly when he gets killed. His powers become utterly insane and unbeatable.


  • He doesn't use his maximum power most of the time, so he can be killed even with one hit with the most powerful attacks.
  • He is emotionally weak. He can get very depressed when he sees one of his allies die. Or he even kills himself when he gets hit emotionally too hard.
  • He can be easily knocked out when not using his powers. This might let him vulnerable to brainwashing.
  • Even if he looks like a dangerous foe, he can be a bit scared. This is shown because Commander MTXY can spook him off very easily.


  • His backstory is based off real-life stories from TheExtremeGamer himself.
  • He is shy because he was (and still is) bullied by evil people from the real-life. Most of his enemies are based on those people.
  • He is Asperger. That's why many real-life people ignore him no matter what.
  • He's 15 years old. His birthday is in January 2, 2003.
  • He loves to befriend famous people.
  • He has 110 Subscribers. This is because of his videos gaining a lot of attention.
  • The Squid Sisters (and apparently, Pearl and Marina) have a shared crush on him. They like to follow him, but TexG is prone to get very nervous when he encounters the Squid Sisters.
  • He voices himself in his own GMOD animations.