Alex Spider is a green Inkling created by the Gmod Youtuber of the same name. He is widely recognised by his paintball mask and distinctive voice.


Unlike most Inklings, Spider wears customised gear. His overall colour scheme consists mainly of Green. He wears a standard Paintball Mask, a Custom Green Ski Jacket, and Custom Green Sea Slugs. Underneath his mask, his eyes are Green.


Spider has a wide assortment of weapons at his disposal. Though, he seems to favor Splatlings mostly. For long time, he's been seen using a Heavy Splatling. Though he seems to have switched to the Hydra Splatling. He has also been seen using Dual Splash-O-Matics.

Behavior and Personality

In the beginning, Spider was mostly a loner. He generally preferred to be alone for unknown reasons. But, it's shown that he has a sort of Heroic spirit. Whenever other inklings were in danger, Spider would show up to save the day. Afterwards, he would disappear seemingly into the shadows.

However, his tone seemed to change after being attacked by the forces of Dark Squid. He would have been a goner if it wasn't for the help of Agents Blue and Orange. Since then, Spider has opened up more and has even become close friends with Heavy and Omega.

A notable trait that Spider exhibits is his distinct voice. Instead of the common Inkling language, Spider speaks English. His voice is largely consistent of Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2. It's assumed that he shares some of Ellis' personality traits.

Powers and Abilities