Roxy (Nickname: Purple) is a shy Octoling created by Steam user Goldie. She has special powers which are mostly used in panic.

Appearence Edit

Roxy is a Octoling wearing a big Beanie, a Headset, a Black Hoodie and Purple Hi-Tops. She sometimes wears Dark Octo socks, colored in a Purple color. Her hair covers her right eye.

Personality and Backstory Edit

Roxy is very shy, because of her sad past. Her family except for her, Luroxys and Phantom, were killed in a massacre. This made her depressed and very shy, hiding from most Inklings she doesn't know. Eventually, she met a Inkling boy named Ian, and the two fell in love with each other, becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

Abilities Edit

  • When in panic, she uses her growth ability to grow into a giant, making her more dangerous.
  • She uses telekinesis to hide in places normal Inklings cannot reach.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • Her Giant form can be used against her. While in panic mode, she doesn't have control over her body and moves around in panic. Good layed traps can kill her.
  • Even with telekinesis, she can be found by other Inklings with abilities.