Poopy Inkling is the main Antagonist of the Ink Sacs series.


She looks like the standard Inkling Girl from the promotional material of Splatoon.

She wears the Fake Contacts, White Tee, and Pink Trainers.

Behavior and Personality

In her initial appearance, the Poopy Inkling comes off as rather mischievous. But as she continues to wreak havoc on the world with her reckless Fart Propulsion, she displays a tremendous lack of thought or care of the consequences of her actions.

In later episodes of the Ink Sacs series, she seems to grow increasingly malicious in her mischief. At one point, unleashing her Burrito-enhanced fart upon Miles "Tails" Prower just to further traumatize him.

Powers and Abilities

As her name implies, Poopy Inkling expels Ink from her rear end. It is unleashed at such a force that allows her to hover above the ground and propel her forward, similar to a rocket.

In the second chapter of the Ink Sacs series, Poopy Inkling develops a taste for bean burritos. She uses these to enhance the potency of her Ink Farts. So much that she can even use it as an attack.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • If her rear is blocked by a cork she'll get damaged with her ink.
  • Her defense is presumably the same as normal Inklings. Therefore can be Splatted like other Inklings.


  • She's the first Major Splatoon Freak.
  • She is Splatoon FreakShow's counterpart to Assbox