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Omega the Squid Man (Formerly OmegaMario89 and also called Logan Mo. in Splatoon) is the Inksona of a Gmodder with the same name. April 19 He's retried from gmodder to persue game designer


He looks like a Pale-Skinned,Blue-Haired Inkling Boy wearing the Super Armor(From the Inkling Squid Amiibo Challenges) and the Samurai Hat(From the Inkling Boy Amiibo).

Behavior and Personality

Omega is shown to have an upbeat and generally friendly personality. He's particularly close to Inspector Heavy and Alex Spider. At times, he can be easily confused. As there was a moment when he didn't immediately understand a joke.

Omega is also very loyal to his friends and will often do everything in his power to ensure his allies survival. He is so loyal, in fact, he flawlessly executed a plan to defeat the evil Shadow Squid (Brother of Dark Squid).

Powers and Abilities

Omega has the ability to compress his own ink and mold it into various weapons. Most commonly, he creates Ink Swords. But it's possible for him to form other weapons. This power is very lethal to enemies, as Dark Squid has learned painfully often.

This ability is a reference to the Pokemon Greninja.

Faults and Weaknesses

Why does he have no weakness? Please balance him or it wouldn't be very fair.



  • He is the first Blue Team Splatoon Freak
  • His YouTube channel has 43,325 subscribers.