Major Agent 3 Guy is a Yoshified Inkling.

His theme Song is Super Mario Sunshine - Spaceworld 2001.


Major Agent 3 Guy looks like a Skinnier Yoshi with Inkling Body Features while his Squid Form is completely unchanged.His hair are Orange and the edges of his tentacles are Red and his Ink and Squid Form are also Red.His hero Jacket is rather modified.

Personality and Behavior

Major Agent 3 Guy is mostly friendly and never used to have Arch-Nemesis.He is also one of the Friendliest Combatant Inklings however by treating him in a hostile manner he'll be forced to attack the hostile guy.He is confirmed to eat only meat and he can even eat other Inkling but he only eats an Inkling if this Inkling is hostile towards to him.He also likes Everything.

Powers and Abilities

His moveset is based on Mario's from Super Mario Sunshine granting him enhanced Jumping skills and better camera.He can also swim in the water but he cannot dive underwater during Turf Wars to prevent cheating he is also fireproof and resistant to Stabs and Slices allowing him to regenerate the cutten-off and/or destroyed parts of his body.

  • Vomit:Based on Yoshi's ability of Spitting Juice from Super Mario Sunshine.When vomiting on his Allies their Ink Tanks will be refilled and when he vomits on Enemies they'll get ignited unless they're fireproof.It can be also used to mirror F.L.U.D.D.'s water and Yoshi Juice respectively allowing him to dissolve Forcefields.
  • Limb Detachment:Based on Vagineer's
  • Limb Regeneration:Based on Vagineer's
  • Shadow Mario Paint:Only usable while he uses his Hero Magic Paintbrush
  • Healing:He'll produce Healing Waves from his hands.
  • Rage Mode:Whenever he gets mad he'll self-Ubercharge Himself.
  • Split into Clones:He can Split into clones of Himself and they can all merge to turn back to normal,Here is a list of his clones:

Faults and Weaknesses

  • He cannot harm hostile Red Team Inklings making him unable to help his allies by attacking the enemy but he can help his allies by healing them,vomiting on them to refill their Ink Tanks,etc.
  • He cannot eat Zombies,Giants,Robots,Cyborgs nor Necroborgs,etc.
  • He also has Mario's Awkward physics from Super Mario Sunshine.


  • His name was inspired from a TF2 Freak called "Major Scout Guy".
  • He is the First Crossover Inkling
  • He is the First Multi-teamed Inkling
  • His development took 6 Years and he's still in Development.