Ian is one of the main characters in Goldie's and LolAttack's content. He is the boyfriend of Purple and tries to protect her by any means nessicary.

Appearence Edit

Ian is an Inkling with the Pilot Goggles, Long Sleeved Zink Tee and Blue Sea Slugs. Mostly wears Dark Blue socks. He likes his goggles so much, he thinks he isn't himself without them.

Personality and Backstory Edit

Ian is very rebelious, but is also shy. Ian never really knew his parents. Most likely reason being they were killed in the Octomassacre, the same massacre that killed Purple's family. He spent most of his childhood living on the streets as a junkie, living off whatever scraps he could find. This unhealthy lifestyle caused his body to break down, shrinking in size. He was eventually found in a near-death state and taken into an adoption center to rehabilitate. It was there he met Roxy (Purple), and quickly attached to her emotionally, later. When they were old enough to leave, Roxy found a place for them both to live, and aided Ian in further rehabilitation until he came back to his normal size, becoming girlfriend and boyfriend.

Abilities Edit

  • Ian knows telekinesis from Purple, and is very good with it, lifting bad guys in the air and throwing them around.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • Telekinesis is the only ability Ian has, so when he isn't using it, it's best to strike then.
  • He is emotionally fragile. Seeing Purple die, would really make him weaker.