Heavy The Squid is a Green Inkling created by the YouTube User of the same name.

He is the Leader of the Squid Family Group!

He is friends with Omega The Squid Man, The Squidsisters, Marina (Off The Hook), Spider, Lizzieraticle, Raph Skipper The Squid and many others in the Splatoon Community!

About Me

Heavy The Squid lives in Gm_Rockford!

He fighted with his friends against Shadow Squid and Dark Squid!

Heavy, Omega and Geof were in a rescue Mission to save Agent Blue, Orange and Spider when they were kept as Hostage by Dark Squid.

Heavy and his friends defeated Dark Squid fair and square!

After Dark Squid's defeat her younger Brother Shadow Squid was to take revenge on his sisters death and fighted against Spider, Omega and Heavy!

But he lost against these 3 and was defeated!

2 years has now past after Shadow Squid's defeat now a mysterious Octoling created a evil counterpart of heavy which calls himself Dark Heavy!

Recently he is about to face against his Dark Counterpart Dark Heavy!

Faults and Weakness

He has no known special defenses, therefore can be splatted just as easily as most Inklings.


He can buff up his body! (Like Luffy's Ability from One Piece)

But he mostly uses his Splat Dualies!

Allies and Friends

Omega The Squid, Alex Spider and many others


Dark Heavy, Shadow Squid and DJ Octavio


He has a youtube channel.

He was formerly a TF2 Gmodder (2013 to 2015)

Makes Splatoon Gmod videos since 2015 until now!