Dark Blu Inkling Is A Small With Random Content But On Steam He's Mostly A Inkling That Makes ALOT Of Screenshots

Appearance Edit

Dark Blu Inkling Wears A Blue Pilot Goggles With It's Black The Edge Of The Glass. He Also Wears A Blue Layered Shirt And Blue Sea Slugs. He Also ALSO Wears Dark Blu Gloves

Backstory Edit

He Was First Introduced As His Main Character When He First Joined Splatoon During The Late 2015's Basically When The Old Models We're Around Back Then He Was Simply Made Using Gear Pack 2 (before gear pack 3 was made) His Clothes We're Nothing Special Till The Full Clothes Pack Came Out In Late 2016

Personality Style And Behavior Edit

Personality Edit

He Normally Be Neutral To People That He Don't Know Them. But Normally When He Know Them Or He's Been Friends He Will Always Be Friendly... And Might Cheer People Up.

Style Edit

He Starts Off With An Blue Anchor Sweatshirt And Shoes With Any Kind He Want Then He Moved To A Blue Tee Shirt With Blue Crazy Arrows. Then He Moved To What We Have Today.s

  • Dark Blu Inkling Is Pretty Tough To Get Killed But As Long As You Try Keep Shooting At Him Your Fine.
  • He Never Has Faults... He Gets Blame Most Of The Time