CuteYoshiLover is one of the cute members of the team *ThepowerfulYoshiTeam*. She's a very sweet girl and she is even called "The Cutest Inkling in all of Inkopoils!"


She wears a Light Pink SQUID GIRL dress, Pink Trainers and a White SQUID GIRL hat.


She uses a Krak-On Splat Roller, and a Heavy Splatling.


She is playful, cheeky and adventure-loving. However she is easily saddened or scared when she witnesses fights or if someone dies or if "TIME CHANGES" because of a change of a character or a part of something important due to her autism....And she will even go crazy if it goes over top to her virus mode! She also gets angry whenever some event happens to make her upset at her friends.

Her autism gave her the power to have imaginary friends back at the real world. Being a sweet friend can be hard depending on who is her friend.

Powers and Abilites

She has a Super Sword, and Kraken Powers. She also has many forms, as seen here in one of her DevianArt artwork.


  • Although she is sweet, happy and active, she is emotionally fragile, like his friend TheExtremeGamer. She is VERY easily saddened or scared when she witnesses fights or if someone of her friends die.
  • She has a emotional attachment to Brad Sega, Jay, Alonso, and TheExtremeGamer. .If one of them dies, she'll break down in tears.
  • When meeting any evil character she doesn't know, she gets very curious. She doesn't react until the evil one threatens her. She gets scared and frightened when the villains show their powers.


Any evil character she meets. Although she doesn't react until she gets threatened.

Saldarhieggy, Smith, King K. Rool, Geraxx.

There are exceptions.....she reacts inmediately when encountering:

DJ Octavio, Bowser, anyone who bullies her, etc.....


  • In every instance of her inksona in GMOD Videos she has appeared in, she voice acts herself.
  • She even has a channel.
  • Her best friends are TheExtremeGamer, JkMenttonet21, Mcshreddys2000,Brad Sega, Alex Spider, Omega The Squid Man, Agent Orange, TheCrashGuy1.
  • She was born in January 1st, 2002. She's 16 years old.