Crazy Green is a Green female inkling who stars in a Youtube series on Meme Man Omega's channel

Appearance Edit

Crazy Green is a darkish-skinned Inkling with gray eyes.

Her gear is a soccer headband, a Black LS, and Pink Trainer

Behavior and Personality Edit

Crazy Green's behavior is completely unpredictable, but she seems to be a mostly happy and silly soul, although she is very protective of her allies and friends, and sees good in some enemies.

In battle, she has proved to be an extremely difficult opponent, as shown when she easily defeated Painis Cupcake.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • She has a low IQ, and is very easily distracted

Abilities Edit

*An ability similar to Kirby's Inhale


*Mimicking things she watched

Allies Edit

Indigo, Red, Inkmega

Enemies Edit

Painis Cupcake, Green Minion Pig,