Blu Inkling or simply Blu is the Inksona of the user with the same name.She is a Blue Inkling Girl-Marie Hybrid.


Blu has 2 different Attires:The Standard and a Blue version of Marie's attire.

Personality and Behavior

Blu has identical Personalities with the Normal Inklings except she's more sadistic and scaredy.She also likes meeting Squid Sisters and Geofcraze634.

Powers and Abilities

She posseses no differences in abilities with normal Inklings yet.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • She is less powerful than an average Inkling making her easy target to defeat by other freaks even by the low-ranked ones.
  • She can be easily caused Psychological Traumas by freaks like Animatronic Inkling/Octoling's Jumpscares or Staregineer's/Staring Octoling's Death Stares.